Air-Technics in conjuction with DC AIRCO is the first to introduce DC air conditioners in the East African market. These product is designed and assembled in Netherlands.

Using state-of-the-art technology these products undergo extensive research and development and rigorous testing to ensute highest quality.

At the moment DC Airco are sold to / by; Ericsson Sweden for container solutions to replace a genset, Dutch KPN for glass fibre projects, Saudi Aramco Oil Company to cool down solar powered telecom sites, Reddot Air conditioning USA, Australia and Europe for all kinds of vehicles, Espar heaters in North America for trucks, Kalmar Harbour Cranes in Finland Ransomes Jacobsen / TTC Germany loe hose power machinery, halliburton Oil Services in Irak and several truck supply companies in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Austratlia.

Here in Kenya, DC AirCo products are more and more used in telecommunication stations by Safaricom and Celtel companies, flower firms, security firms and tour operators.

1 DC 9000 on a security van, using 800Ah 24
volt batteries loaded at night with a charger

Unique technology
The DC Airco 22 and 37 cc rotary compressor is extremely efficient and powerful. The Air Conditioner is specially designed to work with the compressor.
All DC Airco units have a soft start.
No excessive start-up currents. This unique technology has been developed and tested in Europe. DC Airco units are prefilled with R134a coolant
which meets all ozone protectio requirements.

3 DC 9000 on a library bus, using 800Ah 24 volt batteries loaded at
night with a charger
• truck sleeper cabs (anti-idling)
• operator cabs for railways, cranes and
small horsepower machines
• motorhomes and RV’s This revolutionary system utilizes 12 or 24 volt dc starting or auxiliary batteries
to drive an amazing powerful air conditioning unit – without running the engine!
No other company can provide such cooling power without excessive battery drain. Many cab manufacturers use DC Airco products to run directly off the alternator to replace an engine system.Never worry about excessive battery drain. DC Airco products comes standard with low voltage cut out switch, to prevent discharging the battery below
its required voltage to start your engine.


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